1970 to 1979, Beginnings


I made my first doll, Skinny Clown, for Stacey Hector, then crocheted a dressing gown for her.

Married Butch in 1974, and made a dolls for his nieces and nephews as Christmas presents, including variations of that first skinny clown. Made my own clothes, as well as curtains and all that stuff. Knitted a few jumpers for me and for Brian and some baby clothes.

The Christmas tree was decorated with Mini Parcels, which were matchboxes and film boxes wrapped in gift wrap with ribbons ties and dried flowers.

I got hay fever during our first Christmas together, and again the second until we put the tree out the front porch, and bought an artificial tree for our one Christmas at Spalding.

In Cowell I made more variations of the skinny clown for sale, made some clothes for Nigel, all of my clothes, did some knitting, and got into macramé.

I made heaps of pot hangers, a large curtain for Julianne and Robert Starr to go in their kitchen window, and taught a class, including Gay Rudiger.

Made Papier Mache buildings and a farm yard for Nigel, in scale with his Matchbox cars and trucks. These were used on the stack of spare beds I made to go in his room.

Made baby clothes for Megan, and made dolls for her too. She started hugging every doll before it left the house!


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