Macrame Christmas Tree

Macrame Christmas Tree1979

I found a pattern for a Christmas s Tree Wall hanging in Burda, a German dressmaking magazine.

(Most of my clothes patterns came from the magazine, along with some children’s clothes I modified and made for sale.)

The macramé cord was left over from the Starr’s curtain, which was brown and orange. (Remember this was the 70s … our kitchen utensils and accessories were brown and orange too!) Thankfully there was only one colour required for the tree, and there wasn’t a lot of orange left!

I would have much prefered a green tree, but it is now thirty plus years old, and I have become quite fond of the brown tree!

The wall hanging was decorated with a set of lights we had used on the tree, which we had found in Ted’s shed. Brian’s Dad was Caretaker at the Jamestown dump for many years, and his shed was full of treasures.

The lights are still working in 2015, though all the colour on the bulbs has faded, and they have outlived three lots of decorations added to the wall hanging over the years.


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