Judy, Judy, Judy

crafty-calender018Judy was the most popular doll I was making in the early 1980s, and this was part of one of the last large batches I made.

About this time I was browsing through some magazines and found the original pattern, and I didn’t recognise it. I had halved the size, but made the hat larger, the dress was a bit fuller, the legs and arms had slimmed down a bit. She had a new name too, named after a friend who shared my first name and the hobby of making dolls!

The one below was a body which  had been sitting around for some time before it was stuffed and dressed, but she still has the painted shoes which had replaced the felt shoes of the original.  The felt shoes kept falling off, and the painted ones took too long to do and when I put the price up the lady in the shop complained a bit, so I asked her if she would mind if they didn’t have shoes at all. Problem solved!


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