The year that was …. 1982


I made 121 dolls in total, including Rope Doll and Clown Fred, Freda and Gretchen, made for a shop in Hahndorf.

Cork Notice Board and Mini Trains

The E &WS Dept used cork as insulation in some of the pumping stations. An order for cork sheets was filled with a great heap of corks!

Some were used to make a notice board, by cutting then in half and gluing the flat side to a sheet of cork.

I played with the odds and ends left, and with the addition of a pop stick, I made trains which have decorated the Christmas tree ever since.


The original covered matchboxes were getting squashed and tatty, so I started making more durable decorations from fabric.

1982 at a glance

Dolls, 121 in total

Christmas Tree Decorations

Cork Mini Trains

Hessian Hobby Horse

Mini Dolls (1st Version of Snowman, Clown and Santa)

Mini Snowman Version 1

Ice-cream Cones


Santa head

Candy Canes


Blouses, overalls and parkas for Mt Barker Baby Shop

Fabric Covered Coat hangers and Calico Cushions Hobbytex samples


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