The year that was ….. 1984

Dolls 277 in total

Including Mr and Mrs Klaus and Strawberry Shortcake

And the first originals, Pixies

Bottle Cutting

Used a bottle cutting tool to separate dozens of bottles to make ‘glassware’ for school stalls, and gifts, but thankfully, most of the bits I kept have broken.


I had long wanted to do leatherwork, and in 1984 I took the plunge, buying a heap of tools, some odds and ends of leather, and a full side of wonderful heavy leather.

I made stubby holsters for Christmas presents for the blokes, a book cover for myself which has never been sewn up, a couple of small pictures, photo frame and a few belts.

Then I started patchwork and quilting!

Twenty years on I still love the smell of leather, and open the draw every so often to smell it. The tools have been adapted to use in bread dough jewellery making, the hole punch has been replaced, and the dyes have dried up.

Calico and Lace Cushions

36 covered coat hangers

42 Calico and Lace Cushions,

including Aussie flora and fauna appliqués

15 Calico and Lace Pillowcases

Patchwork and quilting


I joined a Patchwork Class with teacher and neighbour, Cherylie McConnell, in October, just to make up the numbers! Other students were included Johanna Moerman, Ann someone, Nan Masters and Yolanda KillimanI didn’t imagine I would ever have the patience for anything which could take years to make. I liked projects which I could make in a day, or make a dozen or more at a time within a few days.

Patterns were hard to find and I started drafting patterns almost from the start, from pictures in magazines as well as sketches of my own and other girls in the class.

Judy’s Fan Patchwork Cushion

and about 10 patchwork and quilted cushions

At the end of the year Cherylie announced that Jim had a job in Kimba, and asked me if I would like to teach next year. I had plans to start a quilt, but had only made cushions, but I took the plunge and became a Patchwork and Quilting teacher with TAFE.

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