The years 1980 to 1984


Christmas Tree hanging

Door Curtain


Skinny doll variations joined by ‘Judy’ and variations

1980 – 84
In Woodside I became a Hobbytex Dealer, made rag dolls and children’s clothes for sale and made hundreds of Mother’s Day gifts for Parent Club Stalls, including decorated soaps. My first written instructions were for items we wanted for Mother’s Day Stalls for other Mum’s to follow to make gifts during working bees and at home. Designed some of the items myself, and adapted patterns in magazines, especially New Idea.

Skinny doll variations joined were by ‘Judy’ and variations, and a wide range of commercial patterns, sometimes made up as per instructions, sometimes modified.

A baby shop in Lobethal started ordering dolls, up to 60 at a time. These were cash on delivery, while most dolls I have sold over the years were on consignment, and I had to wait until the items sold before I got paid. Hahndorf, and Mt Barker outlets were consignment. Children’s clothing also went through Mt Barker.

I went to a few craft fairs around town, and one at Oakbank Area School, as a stall holder. I worked out how to make a Pop-Up Clown for Kym Hansen after we moved to Woodside and I found the cardboard cones at the Onkaparinga Woollen Mills shop. Just made the one at the time, and carried the cones around for years.


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