Melody and Nora

In the mid 1990’s an American magazine published a doll pattern and ran a competition in which readers were asked to make the doll but give her a general makeover. The magazine arrived in Australia about the time the competition closed, but I liked the pattern so I started playing. I don’t think I changed the body, head or limbs at all, and used the face provided. The hair is what I was starting to get better at, so that is where I made the changes.


First came Melody, with short curly yarn hair, which looked pretty ordinary until i added a heap of short plaited bits amongst the curls, with a bow on each end.


Then came Nora Kaye, with the same hair, but just a bow at the top front.


And Nora with pigtails and clothes which were the same style but much more country colours, so she was about 15 years ahead of her time!


and finally Melody again, and though the photo is dodgy this one was by far the best of them all.


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