City in Chains

city-in-chains15th July 1986 – 2 July 1988

Inspired first by Rachel Dettmen’s ‘Inner City’, which I saw at the first Quilter’s Guild of South Australia exhibition, then from the book ‘The Scrap Look’ by Jinny Beyer, which I believe was also the source of Rachel’s quilt.

Started it with the intention of using it in our caravan, but we sold the van just before the quilt was finished, so it became a spare blanket on the bunk beds.

The bunk beds have now also gone, but the quilt remains.

It became a great sample quilt to have in classes when I was teaching the English paper piecing method as the border includes quite a few variations.

Being my first scrap quilt I didn’t have a huge range of fabrics available, and it was rather expensive buying enough different fabrics so that I only had to use each fabric in two adjacent pieces.

Cotton and some polycotton fabrics, polyester wadding.

Hand pieced and quilted except for the binding..

Binding pieced from squares of Laura Ashley fabrics.

Single bed coverlet 147cm x 210cm

4 thoughts on “City in Chains

    • Jas,

      No, they haven’t been around that long, but you can back date a WordPress post to whatever date you like. I am using so it doesn’t matter what order I find enough details about a project to add it to the blog, they will be in order of finishing date. Well, reverse order of finishing date.

      As for the quilt, I had other quilts to go on the bunks, this only got used when it got really cold!

      Judy B

  1. Judy

    I love your quilt. Years ago I fell in love with a quilt made using the same block but done in shades of blues, I think it was called ‘Inner City Blues’. I bought a pattern from Lessa Siegele which uses a quick method of piecing these blocks but I’ve yet to make it. Yours is very inspiring.


    • Barbara,

      For some reason that quilt name rings a bell. Perhaps I saw the same quilt somewhere, as I have seen a few since the first one. I saw Rachel’s quilt about ten years after that first time, it was used and loved, and I still loved it.

      Judy B

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