Sampler from Down Under

October 1987 – September 17th 1988

This was the first quilt I designed in my head before cutting any fabric, and though a few modifications were made along the way, it is pretty close to that mind picture.

All original block designs selected for publication in Down Under Quilts, Australia’s first dedicated quilt magazine.

Being paid for the pattern and keeping the quilt is a great way to go!

The patterns appeared in the first six issues of Down Under Quilts, from March 1988 until June 1989.

My contributions were hand written on my kitchen table in South Australia, the magazine was put together on kitchen tables in Queensland by Yvonne Rein, managing editor, and Kathie Nutt, editor.

The quilt was used as a sampler for my Sample Quilt course for many years from 1988, and if called upon to do that course again I would drag it off the bed yet again.

The blocks and a photo of the quilt also appeared in Sampler Album Quilts, published in 1992.

Fabrics were leftovers from Sue’s Sampler and other projects.

These are the pages from my quilt diary with scant details of the quilt … with the purchase of a computer many years later I now produce slightly different pages for the diary, but still include fabric swatches, either as part of the published and printed page, or on a separate page.

The last entries on the page list the places the quilt was exhibited.

At the Bicentennial Exhibition in Adelaide I was talking to one of the founders of the Quilter’s Guild of South Australia who is a fabulous hand quilter, and she was saying she would never be brave enough to use black thread on such a light background. I knew that about 6 inches from where she was looking there is a stitch which was nearly a quarter inch long in the border! Thankfully she didn’t look in that particular spot, and to this day I can’t find that stitch myself!

Update …. 2012

The quilt has been used on our bed as the between seasons quilt since 1988, which means most of summer, and sometimes as a second quilt in the middle of winter.

The binding was getting up our noses a couple of years ago, and the colours have faded, but otherwise seams to be holding up reasonably well. After I removed the binding and before I could find a decent black fabric to replace it, the quilt was valued at just over $2,000, in part because the quilt has an interesting provenance, and I have documentation to back it up.

I still have the first six copies of Down Under Quilts, along with some of the original hand drawn pattern sheets which were photo copied for sampler quilt classes.


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