Bush Garlands

1986 – 1991

Bush Garlands 3

I love Aussie wildflowers and wondered of they would translate into something resembling formal floral wreaths found in quilts from other parts of the world.

Using several Australian gardening books and books about our native flora I started sketching the shapes of some of our wildflowers, using pencils, a lot of paper, and several erasers.

The top was appliqued and pieced at Coonalpyn, South Australia, and was displayed at Coonalpyn for a local display, at Verdun (1987) with the Woodpatch Quilters and at Snowtown (1988).

The hand quilting was started on 18th August, 1990, and completed on Monday 13th May, 1991, just in time for the Golden Harvest Quilters Exhibition before going to the Yankalilla Lion’s Club Auction.

The reserve price at auction was $300 … just enough to cover costs plus $1 per hour … it was knocked down for $450.

Bush Garlands Aussie Wildflower Garlands 3

The photo above is one of my favourite photos of any of my quilts, taken at an old station homestead in the lower Flinders Ranges near Wilmington during a quilt retreat with some girls from Pt Pirie, Quorn and Whyalla. The landscape in the background is typical of the sort of places many of the flowers depicted on the quilt might grow.

Other photos were taken on Lower Yorke Peninsula … and more of the flowers grow in those conditions too.

Bush Garlands 2

All the fabrics were solid colours as I couldn’t find enough muted prints to attempt something with so many colours. The background colour is representative of the sandy soils which make up a large part of the Australian continent … not all our sand is red, as it ranges from red in some places to white sandy beaches, with quite a lot of beige variations in between.

Machine appliqued and pieced, hand quilted.


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