Fans for Midori

May 1991 – January 1992

All the fans are original designs, as is the centre panel.

The fans were hand pieced together before being hand appliqued onto the background.

The first 6 fans were prepared at Wilmington Retreat in may 1991.

The fan fabric came from Johnson’s Fabrics … sighted by Heather M, and she purchased it on her next trip to the big smoke.

The pink came from The Quilters Cupboard, Hahndorf, when the Golden Harvest Quilters went to Stirling on a bus trip.

Mauve and green were found when Vicki M and I went to Yankalilla exhibition and auction in June 1991.

Added the mauve border to the central medallion on 25th  July 1991 and used 16 of the 24 prepared fans.

On 9th August I finished stitching them down.

In October I added the last border but needed another 20 or so fans, which were done and stitched in place in January 1992.

Quilting was done by hand on a floor frame. We had to find longer poles for the quilt frame for this quilt, and an elderly neighbour gave us two poles which were the masts for a sailing boat in their first life. They had been on the rafters in his shed for about thirty years before they became the poles in a quilt frame.

Fans for Midori went into the frame in April 1992, and in June I filled out the entry form for the quilt to go into “Quilt Magic”, the Quilter’s Guild of SA exhibition … the quilting was half done.

The quilt was out of the frame on July 25th, 1992 after just over 177 hours of stitching.

The binding went on in August. there are 48 different fans on the quilt.

Met a fellow guild member, Marg R, during set up at Quilt Magic, the Quilter’s Guild of South Australia and she asked me what quilt I had in, and as we were looking at it I noticed a line of quilting was missing in the centre. We wandered around to her quilt … ditto! She had missed a bit as well! We would have liked to set up a competition to see if anyone could find the missing stitches!

The quilt made its final appearance at Yankalilla at the Fleurieu Quilters Exhibition and Quilt Auction in June 1993, where it sold for a touch over $1,000, a South Australian and possibly Australian record price which stood for 6 years. It also won Viewers Choice in the auction section of the exhibition.

In 2012 I still have a couple of fans which didn’t fit onto the quilt waiting for a moment of inspiration.


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