Santa Collection and the Santapiece

One day I went to Kadina shopping and found a tiny Father Christmas. He was meant to be  a cake decoration, but I loved him anyway!

When I got him home I put him on a shelf, but he was so small he just got lost, so I went looking in the cupboard for something to draw attention to him.. I found 18 more father Christmas’ so sat them on the old treadle sewing machine near the front door..

Now I had a small collection, it started growing . The first additions were all quite small, and eventually I decided the display needed a centrepiece. Keeping the budget in mind, as larger Santas cost larger sums of money, and I was designing and making rag dolls for pocket-money. I designed a Santa doll, and called it the Santapiece. He was joined by Merry Christmas, and most doll bodies I created after that got a Santa makeover.

Twenty years later (2004) there were 220 Santas, including one Brian bought for me. One tree was decorated with 60 of them, in addition to those on shelves, filling the doll’s house and on the floor. Even broom handles got the Santa makeover!


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