Country Friends

Robyn D Redding initiated a Round Robyn project within the Golden Harvest Quilters. Eight members were divided into two groups of four, and in March, 1999, we all had to have a centre block prepared to do the rounds’. Robyn was in the other group of four, but I have chosen to keep her name in the misspelled title for my quilt.

I used a block which my Mum pieced together for me to make a green and white sampler quilt, and which has been in the UFO pile for 10 years. (Now there are only six green and white blocks in the UFO pile.) The design is one of my originals, and is as yet un-named. I added the geese fabric triangles, to put the block on the diagonal.

The first project I had to work on belonged to Margaret Searle, and her centre block was a basket of flowers. The first border had to have triangles, and I added light hearts in a pink background….. the triangles were at each side of each heart, but certainly not a dominant part of the design.

Wonder how it will end up!

Wonder what has happened to my block! With those geese I would have added a Flying Geese border, but what has Sharon done? And what colours has she used?

Next in line was Ruth Meier’s bag, with a centre block with lots of triangles, and the first border also had lots of triangles. Ruth has used a pansy fabric in her block, and I found a similar fabric and added large triangles in the centre of each side of the quilt, with a light background around the corners appliquéd with pansies. The large floral triangles give the effect of a square on the diagonal behind the centre block and first border. Very pretty, and just one more border to go.

What was happening to mine while I worked on Ruth’s? If Sharon didn’t add Flying Geese, what would it look like, and what would have happened next?

The next bag contained Sharon Freer’s quilt, her centre block with lots of points in primary colours, the first border Flying Geese(?) added by Ruth, and Margaret has done a lovely simple vine appliquéd onto a yellow background.

I added Patchwork Jigsaw blocks to the corners, with scrap rectangles added to the sides. Very simple, but have found that the further from the centre the simpler the border needs to be. Wonder if the others have found the same thing. The finished quilt is stunning, with lots of movement and colour. Really happy!

Now we have the day of return to look forward to. The wait feels like forever.

My quilt was the first to come out of the bag, and WOW! Nothing like I had imagined it, no Flying Geese, but……. WOW!


And Margaret’s has changed totally since I added the first border, and even Ruth’s is different with just one border added since mine.

I was totally blown away when I saw mine, and the other girls seemed to be just as stunned with theirs. The other four quilts are wonderful too, and as varied as our four.

This has been one of the best projects I have taken part in.





And the suspense was a killer!

Now I had to get it sandwiched and quilted. I had planned to add another border when the project started, as I thought it would be a bit small to be useful, but it looks finished without adding anything except wadding, backing and binding. The quilting was not completed until September 2001, and the binding added immediately, in time for A Quilters Garden exhibition, 2001

Finished size inches (cms) square

All cotton fabrics, wool/polyester wadding.

Machine and hand pieced, hand appliqued, hand quilted.

Centre block design by Judy Butcher, Pieced by Emily Malycha

Border 1 pieced by Sharon Freer

Border 2 pieced and appliqued by Ruth Meier

Border 3 pieced by Margaret Searle



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