Golden Harvest Quilter’s Exhibition 2002

The following story was written by John (Jack) Collison after helping set up our 2002 exhibition in Ardrossan Town Hall.

I must state at this point that he got the spelling of my name correct, if nothing else!

A Quilters Garden

A Quilter’s Garden


Friday, October 4, 2002, by 10 AM a goodly number of quilters & their conscripts had rolled up at the Ardrossan Town hall to set up displays for the exhibition. Judy had drawn up a comprehensive plan of action which even included a small office erected on the stage for the CEO.

The conscripts soon had the exhibit frames erected in accordance with the plan. The ladies were busy placing the numbered exhibits in their correct positions, the conscripts followed hanging each in its allotted space. There was much adjusting for correct height & leveling of stands but eventually all was accomplished satisfactorily.

But all was not well! The conscripts stood in a group surveying the work & like one well trained body shook their collective heads. With that incredible male talent for colour coordination & pattern formation they realised that everything was clashing & discordant, something had to be done.

Smoothly & efficiently they began changing locations of the exhibits, No 20 over to replace No 47, No 98 to replace No 72 & so it went on.  No longer were the exhibits displayed in correct numerical sequence, The Plan had changed!! & must be corrected.

Judy came down looking very serious, with a couple of sketch books, a handful of pencils, plus a small set square, she took the plan then marched up onto the stage & into the CEO’s office. There was not much room in the office & it was pretty dark in there but it would have to do.

The conscripts continued with the task of reorganizing the exhibit display. The ladies, recognizing real talent at work very wisely busied themselves with other details. Judy made an occasional sortie to update her notes but could not waste any time away from the office.

At last everything was completed to an almost perfect display. One could look at any exhibit & the eye would follow naturally from one beautiful work of art to the next, without disturbing clashes of colour or pattern. Thoughts had turned to knocking off when Judy emerged from THE OFFICE and triumphantly announced “The Plan has been corrected!”. This was greeted with a spontaneous burst of applause from ladies & the conscripts.

Thus ended the day of preparation.


Men are wonderful

(By an anonymous & impartial observer)


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