About November 2003 the Golden Harvest Quilters decided to swap Christmas stocking the following year. This is the rules handed out to us all when we were paired up with another member.

My partner was Mog …….. but then a mild complication set it …….. we left the district.

I sorted out with Mog that I would deliver the Christmas Stocking and gifts on return visits through the year. The first one was for another member who was leaving the area as well, and I had orchestrated some secret women’s business so we could present her with some quilt blocks before she left. I delivered the stocking and the first instalment of gifts then, and more when I returned for Retreats in July and August.


This swap is a 12-month commitment.

Everyone must be very aware that they will be creating heartache and disappointment if they do not fulfill their commitment to their swap partner.

1: The first part of the swap entails you creating a Christmas stocking for your partner. You have 3 months to make this stocking; there is no need to go overboard just make it something you would be pleased to receive.

We suggest that the stocking dimensions should be approximately 45cm tall and 25 cm wide in the neck and 38 cm wide from toe to heel. It(must be ready by the March meeting 2004 along with Jan, Feb & March items as mentioned below.

2: Every month, beginning in January, you must make or purchase something to put in the stocking. We suggest a maximum value of about $10 per month. At the first swap in March you will exchange: 1 stocking & 3 wrapped parcels (Jan Feb & March’s.)

From then on it will be 1 parcel each month so that your partner can put it in their stocking.


And no cheating here!!!

No peeking, fondling shaking, sniffing…this is supposed to be a urprise………….

Well, just a little fondle before you put it in, but no more than that!

Quilter’s Honour must be upheld throughout the swap!!

Have fun and we will see all the stockings with Jan, Feb & March’s presents ready to exchange at our March Meeting.

Parcels to be exchanged at Minlaton Meetings, posted or by agreed arrangement

Any Questions speak to Shirley or Judy 4.

(Judy 4 is not me …… as indicated by the 4, there are four of us!)


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