My Lucky Stars




The star and tree blocks for this quilt were made by members of the

Golden Harvest Quilters

in 1997 for a lucky draw at their Christmas party,

which was held a Corny Point.

I made one of the blocks myself, but had to reverse the design because the piece of fabric I was given for the background had a flaw in it.

I attached a note the block for the winner of the blocks explaining that it was reversed and why there was a seam in the background of the appliqué.

The pattern came from one of the quilt shop series of books,

‘Piecemakers Country Store’,

by the Piecemakers staff members,

published by That Patchwork Place, 1993.

The pattern name is “Can’t see the forest for the Christmas Trees”,

and in 1997 we purchasedour first outdoor lights,

and put large Christmas tree shapes on the front of the house

and the side of the garage,

aiming at having our own Christmas tree forest amongst the gum and pine trees which were growing around the house we were living in at the time.

The blocks were pieced together late on January 16, 1998.

It was too hot to do anything else.

The borders were added the next day when it was even hotter.

(Seems I do most of my quilt tops when it is too hot

to do anything I don’t like doing!)

I almost followed the pattern exactly,

but I used about a dozen each of red and brown fabrics

for the sashing instead of one of each, and made first border slightly wider, and added an extra border.

This is the only time I have followed directions so closely for about 10 years!!

(I also found a mistake in the directions.)

The plan was to button it or use large utility quilting stitches,

otherwise it would join the collection of UFOs on the shelf,

and 1 do want to use this one in my lifetime.

It waited until 2004 after we left the house at

Kadina with all the trees around it and moved to a house with a water tower to hold a large tree in lights before it was quilted with utility stitches

and completed to be included in the

Golden Harvest Quilters exhibition in October 2004.

It is the ultimate Christmas decoration to have a Christmas quilt on the spare bed.



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