Memory Lane

Started and completed in July 2005


In July 2005 I was trying to teach myself how to use a Corel Draw, but having more success with Corel Paint, and experimenting with printing directly onto fabric. I scanned one of my favourite photos of the garden in Kadina, then played with it until it became a watercolour painting! I’ve always loved watercolours, now I can do them myself, without a brush even.

I printed it, then added borders, wadding and backing then hand and machine quilted it and added some embroidery and charms. Made over four days, …. but it is only little.

The Memory Lane sign was made for the Golden Harvest Quilters Exhibition at the start of the tenth year of the group. The stage area was set aside to display a quilt from each of the previous years …. a walk down memory lane. A few days before the exhibition was to be set up Vicki rang me and asked if I could find a fence, a post, a sign to put on the post, and something to hold it all up on the corner of the stage! Within a few hours I had found an old pallet/picket fence, an old fire plug post and a weathered piece of wood. I sprayed some black spray paint into a small jar and painted the sign fee hand with a paint brush left over from when we had a couple of kids around the house, then found a bolt to hold the sign to the post through holes which were already there. (But not quite centred!) An earthenware pickle jar became a post hole, and on the day held some echium flower spikes so they looked like they were growing near the fence.

After the exhibition was over, the sign, fence and post came home with me, and when I opened the garden during a local festival the garden was named ‘Memory Lane’ because most of the plants had been donated by family and friends, or had been purchased because they reminded me of past gardens. The sign became part of the garden landscape. It has moved to another garden, but without the post and fence, and was hung on the outside of a patio in the next garden.

A few years later it became part of a Golden Harvest Quilters exhibition again, when the exhibition was called Down Memory Lane. I took it back and it was placed just outside the door outside the venue.

Cotton Fabric, Wool/polyester Wadding 12 inches x 15 inches


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