Double Wedding String of Beads


After making String of Beads quilt following the original design, this was made as an experiment to see if it would work before setting out to make a full sized quilt.

The first beads were ironed onto the calico background late September 2004, just before attending a lecture by Mary Ellen Hopkins who told us not to use ‘vanilla pudding’ as a background, but I think I was reacting to too much variety in backgrounds, probably because I love to see the quilting.

It has been buttonhole stitched by hand, with the first stitches done at the Golden Harvest Quilters exhibition 2004.

More beads added in October, and the hans stitching completed in December.

Sandwiched and machine quilted on February 14 2005.

Decided to try doing a scalloped edge, and the binding was stitched down at a Gumtree Quilters meeting on 17th February 2005.

34 inches x 34 inches 86cm x 86cm

Cotton fabrics and threads, Wool/polyester wadding, Vliesofix

The full sized quilt will be made, but with a variation of the design on the diagonal, and both will be published as patterns.


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