Brooke’s Bouquet


This quilt was made as a wedding gift for niece, Brooke, and her husband, Gavin.

Brooke and Gavin spent time looking at books and magazines while I noted the types of designs which appealed to them, and got them to pick out some fabrics.

A basket full of fabric was shown to Brooke on her wedding day, along with a sketch of the proposed quilt, but the quilt has taken some time to complete.

Presented, finally, to the bride and groom, now parents of two lovely girls, one going to kindy, on New Years Day 2006, just before I start working on the wedding quilt for Brooke’s brother.

PS 2009 update

Make that three beautiful girls, one at school, one kindy , one little one!

Brooke’s Bouquet

A wedding gift for


Daughter of Wendy and Dean



Son of Bill and Rita

who married in May 2000

This was a gift from Brooke’s aunt,

Judy and her husband, Brian

cousins Nigel and Megan

and Grandma and Grandpa.

It was designed and made especially for

Brooke and Gavin


Judy Butcher.

Brooke and Gavin indicated the styles of quilts they liked, chose a few fabrics,

and then waited patiently for the results.

It was presented to them on New Years Day 2006

at their home in Crystal Brook.

May the circle of caring that surrounds you grow wider and wider,

enfolding your growing world of family, friends and shared experiences.

May you be not only husband and wife but helpmates,

partners and above all friends…

and may the love that you feel grow deeper and stronger

as you travel through all your tomorrows.

All new cotton fabric, wool/polyester wadding.

Wash gently in lukewarm, chlorine free water using a phosphorous free detergent.

Rinse thoroughly and dry flat in shade. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.



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