The Hurrier I Go the Behinder I Get


In March 2005 a lot of Golden Harvest Quilters swapped Christmas stockings with three gifts inside them. We were not allowed to open the parcels, and each month another parcel was added. I swapped with Mog Barclay, then moved to Bordertown and couldn’t get together with her to open our parcels, so on the day Mog, Judy 4 and Shirley had afternoon tea at Mog’s house, I had my own private party to stop the suspense, complete with coffee, cake and bubbly.

My parcels included a cushion top with some matching fabric, with instructions to finish it any way I wanted! I added a border at the top to make the square rectangular, and quilted it at Gumtree Quilters meetings during March/April and May 2005, added binding on 24th May, 2005

Cotton Fabrics, Wool/polyester wadding, hand quilted. 18 x 21 inches


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