Nine Patch from Boston

The blocks were started using scraps from Boston is not so Common as soon as the pieces of that quilt were strung together, and these blocks were completed the same day, 29th October 1997.

The remaining scraps were saved for the border, but plans were changed. I think they are still in the stash, but perhaps have found their way into another project.

In June, 2004, I pieced the blocks together as they are now, but with a different fabric, but didn’t like it, so practised reverse stitching. The pieces if the fabric I didn’t like in this quilt are still in the stash, as I saw them not long ago. I also decided to leave out three of the completed blocks, and they were made into a table runner, which was completed in July 2004.

The borders were added to this project on July 5th, 2004. Over two years later I bought backing, made the quilt sandwich and quilted it by machine, added binding and stitched it down, October– November 2006.

It is badly quilted because it was badly sandwiched, as I used spray basting and did it in a hurry. I tell people spray basting is only suitable for small quilts, and to take their time! I stretched the blocks on the diagonal in the first attempt to get them flat after adding the spry, and they got worse with every attempt to straighten them out. So please do as I say, not as I do!


Nine Patch from Boston took nine years one month to complete,

even though I probably only spent a week working on it over all those years.

Size 55 x 66 inches, 140 x 165 cm

Donated to Bushfire Appeal 2009

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