Moonta Bay Jetty

18th July 2005 –4th December 2006

Printed the picture of Moonta Bay Jetty as an experiment,

did the quilting as a practice before starting to quilt a large quilt,

then found it at the right time to add binding and call it a placemat

for the gift swap at the 2006 Gumtree Quilters Christmas Party.

Of course, I did the binding at the last minute

and had to find the wrapping paper,

have a shower and get to the party in a hurry, and forgot to take a photo,

but with the wonders of modern technology I have put together

something like it for the sake of these records.


The seagull was photographed at Office Beach, Wallaroo,

and was added to the picture after borders,

and in the real thing it is larger

and placed partly over the border..

13.5 x 11inches Designed by Judy Butcher © 2006

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