Echidna, Tea Towel Art

echidna-424th October 2006 to March 5th 2007

Mum bought this tea towel as a Christmas present for me

when I took her to Broken Hill in 1994.

Vicki asked me what I had got for Christmas that year,

and she stated that a tea towel wasn’t the most inspiring gift a mother could give to a daughter, but then she hadn’t seen the tea towel.

Sadly, neither Mum nor Vicki saw the finished product.

echidnaThe art work is signed Stewart Merrett,

and this was one of a series of tea towels by the same artist.

The project finally got underway when the tea towel and narrow border fabric came together while I was making a quilt top using Australian fabrics and some printed blocks which were 10 years old.

The nearest the tea towel will get to drying dishes

is hanging on the wall in the kitchen.

27.5 x 32 Inches 70 x 81cm

Machine pieced, Machine and hand quilted.

Linen and Cotton Fabrics, wool/polyester wadding


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