Palms, Pineapples and Peonies

Designed by Judy Butcher © 2006,

the first project I have started which has been entirely designed in Electric Quilt 5.

Having a colour picture as a guide saves lots of time,

as there is no need to audition every shape, or even fabric.

I looked for fabrics with similar value to the ones illustrated and just went ahead.

All the fabrics were in the stash, just waiting to be used,

and there were enough background blocks pieced together for another quilt.

Started with the intention of using hand buttonhole stitch

around all the appliqués at Gumtree Quilters meetings,

I decided that the other new project using the leftover blocks from this one,

Bush Garlands 2 in Red and Yellow, would be the one done by hand,

and did the appliqué on this one by machine, using machine embroidery threads in zigzag stitch.

I have to admit that the ‘palm’ leaves started life as acanthus leaves,

and look very much like Monstera Deliciosa leaves, but neither of those botanical names

or the common names of the plants quite fitted in the title as well as palms!

The overall effect is quite tropical!

Wadding (Matilda’s Own Cotton) and backing (purchased at Bankhouse Quilts, Millicent, on 22nd Nov, two days after the applique was finished) was cut out 1st of December 2006.

Sandwiched in January, machine quilted in February, binding completed 1 March,

began a little hand quilting on the 5th, quilt completed on 24th march 2007.

Pattern was completed just before the quilt!


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