The one in which I made all the Mistakes …I hope

Monet’s Garden in Close-up 2

monets-garden-2-bFabrics came from the stash and Stitch and Time in Naracoorte, 2004, so I could make a workshop and pattern sample quilt.

The fabric requirements for a twenty five block quilt would have been less than half a metre. I started with a metre, and ran out with just 20 blocks made!

Two days after I started the final episode of Friends was TV, and all the episodes of the program had titles starting with ‘The one in which…..’ I was already running short of the light green fabric after several cutting mistakes, and had already started reverse stitching as well. I had hopes that I would find all the possible mistakes I hadn’t made in the first, still un-quilted top, with this design in this one.

(It worked, because in the third I couldn’t find any more mistakes, unless cutting nearly 50 blocks instead of 25 is a mistake!)

Had it’s first airing as a workshop sample in 2006, was sandwiched with an awful polyester wadding in 2007.

Started quilting in Berri while on holiday, but it needed to be in the hoop on a stand, so most of the quilting was done at home, and at the July 2007 Hi-fibre Retreat.

Binding completed at a Gumtree Quilters meeting, 3rd September 2007

It may be awful batting to quilt, but it is sooo soft!

50 inches x 58 inches


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