French Onion

Designed the quilt and liked it so much I went to the patchwork shop in Loxton while we were staying in Berri to buy some fabric for background and borders. The remaining fabric was waiting patiently in the stash for something to do.

Tha name for the quilt came about because I couldn’t remember the name given  to the shape I have used.

I think it looks like a very elegant onion-like bulb, so it became French Onion, but usually is labelled as a Fleur De Lys, or iris.

I even followed the pattern as I had already written the instructions,

and I published the pattern about the same time as the quilt top was completed,

and included quilting designs.

(The quilting was done later and the designs in the pattern were modified

slightly on my quilt.)

Machine appliqued and pieced, hand quilted, cotton fabrics and wadding.

60 x 60 inches

2 thoughts on “French Onion

  1. just beautiful, thought it looked like a cabbage rose, but you know better, would have bought the pattern if it was a rose

    • Grace,

      Thank you … I will have to consider the names I give designs more carefully! The design was actually called St James by William Morris, I presume because he used it in a building dedicated to St James. I think I like French Onion better than St James!

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