Broomstick Santa

broomstick-santa-1I took several quilts, dolls and the

sewing room Christmas Tree

to the Barossa Quilt and Craft Cottage for a

Christmas in July

exhibition this year.

As a result Heather booked me to teach a workshop in December,

‘The Three Santas’.

It has been quite a few years since I made any dolls, and I had only made one Broomstick Santa anyway.

I found bits and pieces of Santapiece and Doorstop Santa,

along with the workshop notes, but had to write

instructions for Broomstick Santa.

So I wrote the instructions, then followed them to make this

Santa dressed in cream.

After the workshop I went to Adelaide, and bent the car,

so Nigel collected all the workshop gear from the very sad car and took to his place,

so the newest Santa only just made it home for Christmas Eve,

along with the two Doorstops Santas,

five Santapieces and two Mrs Santapieces,

and the only other Broomstick Santa.


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