The Red Black and White Quilts.

On Australia Day, 2007, John Hector asked me to make a quilt for

his wife, and my best mate from high school days, Viv.

I asked him what her favourite colour was, and being a typical bloke,

he had to go and ask her.

He came back and said, ‘she’s playing silly buggers, she said St Kilda!’

I came home wondering what I would do in red, black and white,

and found what I wanted already in the TIS pile.

TIS stands for Top in Storage.

And there wasn’t just one red white and black top, there were two!

Both were made in 1993, when I was experimenting with Patchwork Jigsaw patterns.

This was the first time I had gone out and bought fabric specifically for Patchwork Jigsaws, and I bought them from Lyn Uphill, Riverlea Quilts.

Red, Black’n’White was the first one cut out in August,

with the leftovers cut out for Minaret for Medina 2,

and both were pieced over three days in September, 1993.

The other two Minaret’s have long been finished

but I never had a place or purpose for this version.

Both served me well quite a few times, as Patchwork Jigsaw samples when I was teaching workshops .

But now there was a reason to finish them both!

I bought a bright red and a black and very dark green check from Almond Grove Quilts, Loxton to add borders to turn both cot size wall hangings into lap quilts for grown-ups.

One would be the one John asked me to make for Viv,


the other I would give to Viv so she could give one to John in return.


Finally started hand quilting Minaret using Perle Cotton No 5 thread around the more dominant shapes in October, 2007,

then machine meandered over the background spaces.

Red, Black’n’White was almost all hand quilted in November.

Both bindings were attached in December, 2007, with Red, Black’n’White completed on the 20th, and Minaret for Medina 2 on the 21st.

Dad and Sue took the quilts when they came down for Christmas 2007,          and delivered them to Viv and John early January, 2008.


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