2007 – The year that was….

Quilts Started 8, finished 15

Cot Quilt for Joan Bunny

Echidna Tea Towel Art 2006

Palms, Pineapples and Peonies 2006

Nigel’s First Formal 2006

Another Cot Quilt for Joan Bunny

The One in which I made all the Mistakes …. I hope (Monet’s Garden in Close-up) 2004

French Onion

Books and Letters

Patchwork Jigsaw No 5 Tall Timbers 1992

Travelling Man

Sharmaine’s Shelf Elf

Dana Dimpling Wall hanging c.1996

Minaret for Medina 2 1993

Red Black and White 1993

Australia’s Favourite Car

Also started

Memories of Emily rose


William and Michele

Nigel’s First Formal by Mother and Son

Bush Garlands

Nine Aussie Animals

Books and Letters

Memory Lane

French Onion

Palms, Pineapples and Peonies

Iris Garden (as block of the month)


Broomstick Santa

Scrap Metal Angel

Christmas Tree

Broomstick and Scrap Fabric 5 foot

Scrap Metal Tree

New Workshop

The Three Santas Workshop

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