Creative Christmas

January 2008

Started the year by putting away the Christmas decorations, and making more! Started with the Christmas cards which had accumulated in the cupboard from previous years, glued fronts to backs, cut out pictures or shapes to make gift cards and tree decorations. Whole cards were strung together vertically to hang.

Then went through the paper collection, and turned bits and pieces into more tree decorations to add to collections already started. One lot of gift wrap I think was purchased when I was making little things for the Mother’s Day Stall at Woodside Primary School. Enough decorations for two trees from that one piece of paper! Will make about 15-20 white pompom snowballs to go with one lot.

Went out to the shed and found another box of Christmas cards which I brought from Kadina! Quickly sorted them and used about half, put some into recycling bin, and put a few back for future reference.

Painted a dozen wooden pencil toppers and mini doll shapes to make them snowmen.


The Styrofoam balls I bought before we left Kadina were moved a couple of times over the Christmas cleaning/decorating/un-decorating period, and as I also found, in the shed, some acrylic paints which had been ‘lost’ for the four years we have been in Bordertown, I used them to put some Balancing Balls Trees and Snowmen together, and finished a couple of the snowmen and one of the trees.

Bennie with a Beeannie and Painted Pete

Bennie with a Beannie and Painted Pete

A broom handle didn’t get away either, it got a white wash, a face and a very long cap to become Broomstick Snowman.


More broomsticks and dowels looked like tree trunks, and as I might need to know how much yarn and fabric goes onto a Christmas tree I started making trees, this time taking copious notes for possible workshops.

Just when the head was nearly bursting with ideas I went into Tania’s Scrap Shack, the local scrap booking haven, and came away with ideas for a whole series of arty, farty books, started one about Christmas decorations, decided it needed more time, so started and finished Popsicle People Patterns, because I was writing instructions for a forthcoming pattern at that

What I really intended to do in January this year was to use up some of the beads in the stash!


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