New Species Christmas Tree No 1


In 2002 I made Christmas Trees for a Christmas in July exhibition, and sold quite a few, gave others away, and kept a few favourites. However, I didn’t take any notes about how much yarn I used, or wire, or anything else. I may be able to teach workshops, but first I need to be able to tell people what to bring, as well as modify the methods I used to make them back then!

The Family Jewels

The stack of books originally held up one of the original trees, but the trunk was too thin, broke and the tree now hangs on the wall.

This time the trunk is much thicker, the tree is taller, and the yarn is totally different!

There are 9 rows of 6 branches each, with double crochet worked over the wire branches before they were attached to the trunk.

The foliage used about 130 grams of yarn, there are 55 beads, and about 4 metres of wire, which should have been more to make it easier to put together.

Planned to decorate the finished tree with trims made with the family jewels or decorations made with beads, including snowmen, angels, tassels, stars and beaded ball. There are a few family jewels, but most of the decorations have been  collected or made using beads.


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