Cardboard and Plastic Cookies

My favourite kind of cooking!

March 2008

I wanted to take photos of the cardboard cookies on the Timber T Tree, but found that the ones I used on the Shed Trees were bigger than the patterns in the booklet, Cardboard Cookies, and too big to use on the new tree anyway.

So back to the drawing board, to make enough to decorate the new tree.

While looking for cardboard I found some lovely gold cardboard, which I bought as a box full of bonbons, so made some of the new shapes from that.cardboard-cookies-gold-foil-cardboard

(16 decorations, too big for the tree they are on!)


In the ‘Cardboard Cookies’ booklet

I suggested using plastic milk bottles,

so thought I should at least try the idea out.

(I made 30 plus decorations)

This in turn led to another arty farty book with the pattern included and samples attached.


And the Timber T Tree is still to be decorated.

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