Balancing Balls Christmas Tree

Would I try this again? Maybe, but without the paint!

(I have since tested acrylic paint on styrofoam and it behaves much better!)

The idea of three graduated sized styrofoam balls stacked on top of each other seemed simple.

But how to get a hole drilled though styrofoam, and how do you keep the hole centred.

Eventually I settled for punching smaller holes in opposite sides of the balls and gluing in a short piece of dowel to construct the tree.

Then I was ready for the paint job.

Found a can of spray paint so this was going to be easy!

Sounded good until I started spraying, thankfully outside!

The surface of the balls started bubbling and became a gooey mess! Who knows what toxic fumes were released into the atmosphere, but I decided to finish the paint job anyway as the balls would have been a waste product as well if I stopped at this point.

An hour or so later I found that the surface of the balls hard to the touch and looked a little like the surface of a green moon

So I went ahead and decorated the tree by using straight pins to attach an assortment of charms, many of which were supposed to be used on stemmed glasses to identify them in a crowd. The gold number one on the right of the photo below is a pin created by Holden, the Australian car makers to celebrate being the top selling cars in the country and it was presented to all their workers ….. and one of their workers is our son. There are also a few earings and a packet of tiny stars produced for the scrap book market.

This tree also appears here.


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