Scrap Book Journalling


I have always kept notes on scraps of paper, bits saved from magazines, catalogues and newspapers, basically anything which I thought might come under the heading of ‘useful information’ one day! A lot of the bits have been stuck into children’s scrap books over the years to keep them in some sort of order.

Since joining the big wide world on the world wide web I have found that other people have much more attractive scrap books which they called journals. I have also been skirting around the other sort of scrapbooking which has replaced family photo albums.

There has been a growing collection of attractive (to me, anyway) pages which didn’t quite fit the scrappy scrap books, so I decided that they had to go in a special scrap book. I removed some of the pages from a blank book made of handmade looking paper, stitched it back together again, and started scrapping, or journalling.

scrapbooks-0031I have added quotes which had been scribbled onto scraps of paper, and a coaster was given to me by a friend years ago and was far too nice too use.


Monet’s Garden, a potted plant and a gift bag from a friend to a friend and from a friend. (I think the same bag came and went, but came back again!)


The picture of cats is just too interesting to just chuck out, the yarns in the picture look great, and so I added a few strands from the stash.


A quote, picture from a magazine, another from an unused diary, stickers and some lace.

These are just a selection of the pages.


I have already scribbled a few notes about how some of the images could be used in a quilt!


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