Scrappy Sketch Books

I have always collected bits of paper. Some come from magazines with pictures to inpire me, some are backs of envelopes with notes scribbled on them about a good project to try one day, or how to do that tricky bit in a current project, or maybe a quote or two, and vague scribbles which represent something I think I might use on a quilt one day.(I won’t be cheeky enough to call anything I have scribbled ‘sketches’!) There are also some with things I like, but haven’t got room for/can’t afford it.

This paper collection has been carted around from house to house through several shifts for up to 15 years.   

I have spent quite a bit of time this year sorting bits of paper, throwing out over half, and sticking the remainder into scrap books. 

I had a couple of artist sketch books, so started sorting and using up a glue stick.  Scrappy Sketch Books 3

And another!

Scrappy Sketch Books 4

Scrappy Sketch Books 1

 I added some pictures from magazines that I liked because of colour combinations and subjucts.

Scrappy Sketch Books 2

I added an article from a magazine about Pam Holland, and included some of a pattern page.

Scrappy Sketch Books 6

I added a scrap of paper which had a rough outline of craft projects I had done in the early 90s.

Scrappy Sketch Books 5

And this is the first page of notes I made about a quilt featuring monograms, an alphabet, and some books. I have since collected fabrics for this project.

Scrappy Sketch Books 8jpg

A double page spread of a wallhanging which was designed by Esther Aliu.

Scrappy Sketch Books 9

Assorted buildings and boats.

Scrappy Sketch Books 7

And there are some maps.Maybe these will be the style used in the quilted map I have been thinking about for years.

By now I was really enjoying the process of putting together some unique books.

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