Scrap book from Pattern Sheets

After several months of sorting scraps of paper I still had more!

Some of that paper left in the cupboard turned out to be pattern sheets from craft magazines I had mutilated when saving a few pages before putting the rest into the recycle bin. Using the outer cover of an old calender I made a soft cover, covered with some sheeting which has been filling a spot in the stash for about twenty years.

Patterns Sheet Pages 004

The bunch of grapes are same ‘Wallies’, wallpaper cutouts, which have never made it onto a wall. Look very much at home on that fabric!

Patterns Sheet Pages 003

Then I trimmed the edges of the pattern sheets and stitched them into the cover. I used a cheap crochet thread which was a mistake, but the proccess worked, and I have a home made scrap book made out of scraps which will hold together well enough for me!

And what have I put in the book?

Patterns Sheet Pages 002

Scraps …… of paper and fabric, along with some silk ivy leaves! These leaves could find their way onto lots of scrapbook pages, as there are a lot of them falling off a cheap garland purchased for Christmas decorating.

Patterns Sheet Pages 001

There is another lot of pattern sheets ready for the next volume!
(When I will use stronger thread to hold it all together.)

Patterns Sheet Pages

Book completed in April, 2009, and filled in June 2009

2 thoughts on “Scrap book from Pattern Sheets

  1. These scrapbooks are a great idea! How many of us have saved a scrap of magazine or notes for that “some day” when it will be used? Plus, it makes for great eye candy on the blog!

    • Liz,
      The most notable thing about these scrap books is that I am taking photos and putting them on the blog BEFORE I PUT THEM AWAY! Lots of older projects are not up here yet because I haven’t taken a photo.
      Judy B

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