Old Books

I had some old books glued together which I meant to use as pedestals or shelf supports, but there wasn’t any room in the house for them, so I put them out in the garden as a garden edging. They have been there about two years and have aged accordingly. They are next to the great dead tree which had been cut down to about 6 feet tall many years ago, and which Butch trimmed down further to make the seat.

2009 Garden 001

A couple of weeks ago Barb and Wally had a garages sale, and I sent up some more books I didn’t want, a couple sold, the rest came home again. One was sitting on the desk getting in my way so I took it outside to use as a weed mat/mulch, and placed it on the ground as though I had been reading it and just put it down for a little while. Wonder how long it will look so pristine?

2009 Garden 002

There was a baby deciduous tree near it which is almost a teenager now, at least in size! I also shook the tree which is starting to provide some lovely summer shade in this corner, and as it is not summer, heaps of yellow leaves fell down onto me. Fun!

When I grow up I wanna be a kid!

2 thoughts on “Old Books

    • Melissa,

      I promise to never grow up totally!

      By the way, there are fairies at the bottom of my garden.

      Judy B

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