Aussie Oddities

2009 Scrap Books 006

Soon after I started quilting I started collecting bits and pieces which might be used in a grand quilt depicting the developement of Australia. Original plans included national and state Coats of Arms and lots blocks depicting items and places of significant historical significance.

2009 Scrap Books 007I took photos of No 1 child in cricket poses in the lounge room, from memory I think iy was the middle of winter and raining at the time. (Why else would I allow a six foot tall teenager to swing a full size bat inside?) Later No 1 daughter ‘played’ netball in slow motion in the back yard for another photo shoot, but obviously the weather was a little better that day. (Circa 1990)

2009 Scrap Books 008

The grand plan has modified somewhat over the years, so that the outback dunny, a Vegemite jar and a Hills Hoist could be depicted. (To see the Hills Hoist tip your head to your left.)

2009 Scrap Books 009

Through out these two and many other scrap books there are tracings, drawings and scraps saved from magazines, newspapers and newspapers.

2009 Scrap Books 010

The quilt hasn’t been started despite all the collecting, but the grand plan has become more laid back. The scraps will contimue collecting, and just maybe ‘Australia All Over’ just might make it into fabric one day! However, some of the inspiration has already been used in quilts, some of them in family quilts, some in group projects.


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