Scraps and Scribbles

2009 Scrap Books 011

Two old scrap books, two new covers. See those little red spots? This book is stitched with uphostery thread, long stitches inside the centre fold, emerging at the spine, through a bead, then back inside the fold. Any strong thread could be used, such as crochet threads and string.

2009 Scrap Books 012

The tractors were for a block to be included in the wedding quilt for Butch’s neice, who was marrying a farmer. The right hand side shows the diagram for the quilt block.

2009 Scrap Books 013

Below are a crowd of people who just might join Sunbonnet Sue on a quilt one day.

2009 Scrap Books 014

Below is a rubbing of a friends bathroom tiles which I took in case I wanted it while making twin quilts for her daughters bedroom.

2009 Scrap Books 015I didn’t use the tile pattern, bit it could still be useful sometime.


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