Paper and Pens

2009 Scrap Books 064

New book, new cover with printed label and freehand illustraion of a quill (I would like to add an ink well or bottle, but not quite game to extent my drawing skills that far!) Many of the pages have scraps from early issues Australian Paper Arts up to recent issues, and some from assorted scrapbooking magazines.

2009 Scrap Books 065

Picutes of old envelopes and ads for reproduction postcards.

2009 Scrap Books 066

A copy of the certificates I hand out to students in classes run over five or more weeks ………. this one was for a 12 week course in 1989 ……… and a page of calligraphy I did that same year during a Calligraphy Course …… I was practicing adding a few embellishements!

2009 Scrap Books 067

A few bits and pieces from a scrapbooking magazine. I take way too many photos to even want to think about ‘scrapbooking them, but do look for ways to present a few photos as a gift.


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