Oh Christmas Tree

2009 Scrap Books 027

Now I can have fun! New book, new cover, and I found some seeded homespun for covers!

A scap of fusible webbing, fabric scraps, iron, cut out some tall skinny, crooked triangles, iron again, cover done!

2009 Scrap Books 028

Contents have been culled from magazines from 1990 – 2005, including Country Sampler and Marketplace Treasures, and are pretty much all for those who love country and primitive decorations. With a touch of Victorian.

2009 Scrap Books 029

The piles of paper has diminished and I am taking a little time to play with layouts a little more instead of just cramming in a smuch as possible. I have used a pattern page which I will never use to fill  in some white space instead of adding more colour pictures.

2009 Scrap Books 030Feather tree, black and white illustrations, and a snow scene to cool down our usually hot Christmas weather. I have a growing collection of fabric and resin snowmen, as the real thing is hard to get in Australia at Christmas time.


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