Archived July 2009

2009 Scrap Books July 015Old and new contents in a new book with new cover.

2009 Scrap Books July 016

Quilt photos which have been floating around looking for a home for quite some time.

The strippy quilt was put together by a friend from donated quilt blocks and strips. The sampler quilt was made by another friend from blocks made in a friendship group in the Golden Harvest Quilters, which went on the be judged best of show at an exhibition in the group quilt section. The other two quilts were at an exhibitionby the Woodpatch Quilters.

The scribbles at the top left were done recently when I was blog browsing and were inspired by Feathered Fibres.

2009 Scrap Books July 017A copy of my workshop notes for Monet’s Garden in Closeup, and how to add the centre.

Other contents include an article about Yvonne Rein who was one of the founders of Down Under Quilts, Heather Ridley who is a fellow South Aussie,  Eileen Campbell, an article by Marian Russell who is another South Aussie, article by Jan T Urquart, and stories about South Australian quilt shops The Patchwork Apple, Riverlea, Quilts and Threads.

This book is the last of the books filled with the backlog of paper scraps I have found in the cupboards, drawers and boxes in the sewing room, but wouldn’t you know it, as I was writing this up I found two double page spreads which are blank!

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