Scrapbooking with Scraps

I think I have pretty much cleared the sewing room of loose pieces of paper and old magazines. Though every time I think I have finished I find another scrap of paper or pile of magazines!

(I do still have Quilters Newsletters in bulk ……. over twenty years worth.)

I have learned a few things along the way, so I am going to put them here so I remember! (Though writing on a piece of paper usually works even if I hide the paper.) If I do forget perhaps someone who has read this might remind me!

About scrap booking …..

Cheap glue sticks don’t stick as well as UHU or Bostick glue sticks. And certainly don’t save money when you have to restick everything you glue into a sketch book.

Scrap books cost $1.20 when my kids were going to school and I used the same scrapbooks as they did. Fifteen to twenty years later I bought better quality scrapbooks (Prestick) with better paper and with an extra staple for $2! The cheaper one in the same shop was $1.50, so inflation hasn’t really effected the price of scrapbooks.

They look much better with a fabric or paper cover hiding the fairies and super heroes they usually come home with, though the best ones had dolphins.

You cannot heavily embellish covers of books if you want to put them on shelves or in a filing cabinet…..

….but you can embellish the spine, though I have to admit some of the threads I have left hanging would look much better on a shelf than they do in the filing cabinet.

Altered books make interesting scrap books.

Hard covers from old books make great covers for scrap books with new pages.

I can make books using paper (pattern sheets from mutilated magazines) I would otherwise have thrown out.

The last two things can be combined.

Sometimes I threw out three quarters of a page because there was only a small picture or sketch I liked in the first place.

If I had sorted and scrapbooked the keepers every few months I could have spent more time playing and embellishing as I went.

If I do it regularly I can call it journalling!

If I get into scrapbooking the family photos I will not cram twenty photos to a page and fill in the spaces with other stuff! (Some of the pages in these scrap books have so much crammed onto them they are likely to cause headaches as soon as you turn the page!)

About things I like.

My favourite colour is green.

I like monochromatic colour schemes with a splash of a bright contrast.

I like restful colour combinations with one colour being about 70% of the whole, with one other colour.

Multiple shades or tints of each colour is good.

My least favourite colours are blue and orange.

Early sketches of long completed projects now suggest new and different projects.

I like all the variations of country style, from formal, Victorian country to naive and rustic country, and I like primitive much more than I thought I did.

Most of what I liked thirty years ago I still like, but have found more things to like.

I do not follow trends and fashion closely, but pick out any bits I like and do my own thing with it.

Things I remember without the pieces of paper.

(But the pieces of paper reminded me anyway!)

I have met some wonderful people since I became a quilter, and knew some of them before they were featured in magazines. A lot of the profiles I have kept are about real people!

The people I read about first turned out to be real people when I met them.


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