Scrap Books


As I went through magazines and pulled out pages I wanted to keep, I pulled out pattern pages, but not because I wanted to keep them. The patterns piled up, and noone seemed to want them without instruction pages, and I had mutilated some of those because I wanted the picture or the article on the other side of the page, and I design all my projects myself so I didn’t want them …………… but there was a big pile of them!

So what to do with them? Make them into scrap books of course! These three are now waiting to be filled by scraps of paper I do want to keep!

I have used pieces of fabric I just had to have (to dress dolls) on the covers, because unless I change my style of quilts completely, they are not going to be used in quilts, and so this is one way of destashing, while still keeping some of those conversation prints I needed so much!.


To make the books I fused two covers and the spine to fabric, leaving a tiny gap between covers and spine to allow room for folding to close the book. I have stitched signatures of 6 or 8 pages to the fabric covered cardboard spine, leaving a little space between the signatures so there is room for expansion when the pages are filled with scraps of paper, fabric etc.


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