Colouring Book

5th September, 2009


My colouring book is completed!

The cover is cut a little bigger than the pages, with extra added to allow for wrapping around the spine.

First up I made a cardboard template and punched holes with an awl so I could mark the stitching spaces on the inside of the book cover.

Ooops, I was in a hurry, so the photo is blurry! Should have used the setting for action photos!


I found a lot of needles and threaded them with upholstery thread, and took a stitch through the back cover with each thread ……… stitches about half an inch or a centimetre, with about double the space bewteen the stitches.

Each thrread was then taken through each of the pages, just a tiny distance from the folded edge.


Pulled all the threads firmly ……..

(I was still in a hurry to see how this would work!)


……….. then took them through the cover ……………..


……………….to the front ………………….


………………tied a little bow in the thread and trimmed the ends!


The pages open rather well, and are held close together in the spine.


Opened up towards the centre, it is not quite flat, but I can live with that.


I still like the blank cover …………..


……….. but may have to rethink that when I use more of this fabric for another book cover!


Now all I have to do is remember that this is where all the experiments I did with colour pencils on fabric are to be found!


I have since bought three more sets of pencils, one generic set of 36 watercolour pencils, plus Pastel Pencils and Charcoal Pencils by Mont Marte. I will have to add a few scraps of fabric to the book with future experiments!


2 thoughts on “Colouring Book

  1. Judy I found your information and photos very, very helpful. I have been experimenting after seeing Helen Stubbings’ DVD. I bought Derwent Studio pencils but found you really had to work hard to get them right colour – I didn’t wet them! I then bought Mon Marte and am very pleased with my first effort using them.
    Will read in depth your “Colour Book” info and look forward to experimenting further.
    Thank you for the trouble and effort involved in sharing all this. Lyn Tod, Banora Pt, NSW 2486.

    • Lyn,

      Thank you for your leaving a comment.

      I use the Derwent Studio pencils without a sharp point, and if they need a bit of blending I do it with a finger. Colouring over adjacent colours helps too. They do not give strong colour unless you go over them several times, with moisture. If you want strong colours Inktense and Prismacolour are the way to go.

      I have some Monte Marte but haven’t experimented yet. Want to try all the various kinds, like the charcoals etc to see what happens with them. Could be some disappointing results, could also be exciting!

      Judy B

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