All in the House

New scrap book, contents are from magazines, most of them within the last five years.

The left page above is instruction sheet which came with one of my Westalee rulers ………. purchased in Beechworth on our way home from Canberra early this year!

The quilt on the right is the computer drawing of a quilt design I did in 1995 to be made by members of the Golden Harvest Quilters in a Friendship Quilt group in 1995-1996. The quilt was finished in January 1997, except for the binding, which was done in the last minute before the 1998 Calendar of Quilts Exhibition.

(I just checked all that information, and lots more, on the back of the quilt which resides in our lounge room.)

Drawing of a doll which was used on the requirements list for the Basement Babies workshop. This is a good indication of why I am a quilter rather than a painter ….. my drawing and sketching skills are pretty limited! Dated 1996.

I would love a veranda like that!

And the other side is a requirements list for another workshop …. this time Jigsaw Baby. I had a computer, but no drawing program of any sort.

Don’t know why I chose these pages to when I got the camera out …… they are probably the least pretty in the book, but they also probably have more memories than most of the other pages.


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