Scrap Books filled and covered

This is two scrap books which I started filling about 10 years ago……… maybe longer.

I pulled them apart, mixed the filled pages with the blank pages, and then filled the blanks. Some of the new additions to the pages are probably as old as the scrap books themselves.

Those drawings are old, but though the coloured picture from some wrapping paper was only added recently, it has been floating around in boxes for at least two shifts ……. and we have been here for over five years!

The coloured additions are a little less travelled on this page. The two double page spreads above are in the Australian Wildflowers and Landscapes scraps, and the leaves on the left are gum tree leaves.

I don’t think the duck and drake were my original drawings, but you can see where I was adjusting the bonnet on the duck!

These drawings were traced from the original rough sketches ….. you can see where a stem or leaf was removed or redrawn. The clocks were from a magazine purchased about six or eight years ago.


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