Patter of New Pencils

I couldn’t resist buying some new pencils when I found Mont Marte Pastel Pencils and Charcoal Pencils, but had serious doubts about them being suitable for use on fabric.

I experimented with adding them direct to dry fabric in the left column,, then adding fabric medium mixed with water in the centre column, then adding them to wet fabric (with water/fabric medium) in the right column.

The fabric was ironed with  iron on cotton setting, rinsed in hand warm fabric and ironed dry with the iron still on cotton setting.

The charcoal pencils are not as messy to use as sticks of charcoal, but blend easily, go onto the fabric easily, but need to be used with gentle fingers to prevent breaking the charcoal.

There are soft, medium and hard black pencils, with the softer ones being slightly easier to blend and they were also best to fill an area with colour. Because of the colours they would be great to add shadows to applique.

The pastels were easy to use, easy to blend and I will be looking for the other three seasonal packs. Some running when used on wet fabric, but very little when the moisture was added to the colours after they were on the fabric.

I am starting to think that all pencils will work on fabric …… some easier to apply than others, some best used dry with water/medium mix added after, some have better range of colours etc …….. but I think if pastels and charcoal work then all the others will work.

Would I use pastels ands charcoal on quilts?

Not without a lot more testing, but what I want is to use them in fabric books and maybe some wallhangings, not quilts for kids which will get a lot of hard washing in a short time. I want the softness of coloured pencils rather than strong colours of paint and pens. Now I know coloured pencils will not wash off too readily and can be used alongside lead pencils just as they are on paper. Just what i was looking for!

I have ironed all my samples before rinsing them and maybe this sets the colour.

I think I would use pens on quilts unless I am certain they are not going to have a hard life …… and the skills I gained in a couple of Pam Holland workshops will not go to waste.

Thse two ‘pages’ will be fused back to back, trimmed and safety pinned into my

Colouring Book

to keep all the pencil/fabric reference scraps together.


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