Housekeeping on the Web …… sort of

Remind me never to connect a web cam to my computer …..

I was typing an email and noticed lots of fluff in the keyboard ….. gave a little blow and nearly choked in the dust! I mentioned it in the email, and got an instant reply that I should tip the keyboard upside down and shake it. The sender said goodnight and went off to bed (she lives up yonder)…….. so I tipped the keyboard upside down!

In doing so I pressed several keys  …… dust and debris went flying everywhere, the mouse was chasing the dust bunnies who had just been evicted from the keyboard and I clicked both right and left buttons a few times as I tried to get it back on to the desk.

After I had cleaned the dirt, debris and dust bunnies off the desk I had to work out what I had closed and what I had opened on the screen ….. very difficult to do when you are struggling not to fall off your chair laughing!

I am also very glad no one came to the door at that moment!


2 thoughts on “Housekeeping on the Web …… sort of

  1. ROFL! I love the image of you clicking and coughing while the screen goes nuts! Reminds me of the time I spilled just a tiny bit of coffee on the keyboard and it started opening and closing e-mails all by itself! Boy, was I scrambling! I would suggest, however, turning the computer OFF before attempting the next housecleaning!

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