Why I Quilt

I love the time spent with a quilt during the making of it. It is not a race to use up fabric, or to complete the most quilts. It is a passion, a hobby, something to be enjoyed at leisure. I don’t need any way of reminding me to make a quilt. I do it because I want to! I love every thing from designing to putting the last stitch in the binding, and adding a label.

In the last few years so many people complain about the cost of quilting and if you buy a detailed pattern, rotary cut, machine piece at a million miles an hour and send them out to be quilted it is expensive. Two or three quilts a month is possible, but the cost would be huge.

I buy the best materials I can, but because I do a lot of the quilting by hand it doesn’t cost very much to get them quilted. Just time, which may be in short supply, but when it is available it is cheap.The fun is priceless, and I don’t need therapy or drugs to relieve stress either!

Very rarely have I felt compelled to make a quilt quickly just so I could boast about how many I have done, but admit to making a quilt quickly just because! Some years I complete 8 to 10 large quilts, some years it is just one. If I enjoy it, it doesn’t matter.

I started counting the hours spent on ‘our’ quilt, a hand-made pieced and applique sampler/album quilt for a queen size bed. At five hundred hours and about half way I stopped counting because every hour was priceless, I could never put a monetary value on the hours spent making blocks to tell our story, so I didn’t need to know!

Enjoy the process, and the quilt will bring its own enjoyment in use.


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